Why is hiring talented people and building a great culture simple?

  • When you follow a systematic plan to hire, everything becomes easy
  • Employees are typically your biggest expense, make your investment count

Hiring and Employee Issues

How to hire the right people

Idea firm uses a proven talent acquisition and talent management process. We have screened and hired countless employees for every work role imaginable. We have resolved employee problems and built strong team cultures. We have developed our own “fail-proof” hiring system and we can work with your people to handle every aspect of the process…

Fixing Employee Problems

Most employee performance problems result from the lack of clear expectations, job descriptions, poor communication and little or no training. It is critical to match up the personality and attitude to the type of work and company atmosphere. Companies often make this simple but common mistake; you hire someone who is a bad fit!

Building a Team Culture

Relationships are like bank accounts, you cannot withdraw more than you deposit. How often do we all fall into the trap of over-drawing our relationship accounts with others?

Management Training

Do you dictate or do you inspire? Do you direct your people or do you win your team over to your point of view? Employees are not told what to do anymore. In the 21st Century, you need to engage your team and assist them in reaching their goals…

Personality and Behavior Testing

Every position in your company requires a certain behavior/personality type for the individual to be both, “effective and enjoy” their work. We now have behavior/personality technology that will allow you to make excellent hiring and talent acquisition decisions, matching your employee’s personality to their perfect job every time.

Fixing Broken Procedures

If you don’t have good procedures in place, how do you expect employees to be successful? Broken or outdated procedures will substantially reduce your profits and lead to employee dissatisfaction and burn-out…

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