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Congratulations on taking the next step of your business’ growth.

 I want to emphasize to you that hundreds of clients have financially successful businesses operated by their employees. They run just like the big companies we all use every day. And they did not require a college degree or special talent. How do these companies do it? They raised their standards. They fixed their problems instead of ignoring them. They managed profitability closely and hired good people. They did it and that means you can do it to. You need a proven system and a coach who has done it before, and that’s why you are here. Let’s Grow!

John Blakeney

John Blakeney

Owners generally have one of two views:

1. Those who are doing well and need to make changes in order to grow, scale quickly or want freedom from the day to day

2. And those with a good company that are under performing or have frustrations derailing their growth and success

Owners Top-10 CONCERNS:

1. Can I build a top-10 company that runs itself and doubles revenue?

2. How do I eliminate procrastination and get un-stuck?

3. Can you fix our hiring and employee attitude and culture issues?

4. I struggle delegating, being organized and reaching my goals, can you help?

5. Our leaders and managers lack accountability, can you correct this?

6. Can you fix our unprofitable production issues and our Net Profit?

7. Sales are down, is it the sales-people or our marketing, we are not sure?

8. I want more FREEDOM, how do I get my employees to run the day-to-day?

9. Can you re-organize our company and rebuild our leadership team?

10. Family business with multiple owners is frustrating, what can we do?

What are you looking for?

All you need is a success “road map” from someone who’s figured out a proven formula backed by twenty years working with hundreds of CEO’s.

Someone who can provide your team with the leadership guidance, tools and training to run a business that generates predictable revenue and steady growth. Change the chaos to clarity.

Ultimately, training your management team to make great business decisions, with or without you!


Can you really benefit from a coach?

You’ve already had at least 12 years of teaching and coaching from grade – high school. Our young lives are filled with parents, teachers and coaches from an early age. Some good, some not so good.

Absolutely everyone who aspires to be something more in any profession has a teacher, mentor, or coach; professional sports is an obvious example we see every day. Most successful people and CEO’s have coaches.

Why? Because they need pressure-tested advice, accountability and support to achieve peak performance.

And they need an outsider who cares, to challenge, inspire and motivate them.

This 20-minute Strategy Session is your first step

to creating a highly successful company AND the lifestyle of your dreams.

In this “test-drive” of my popular coaching program, you’ll discover a game plan to achieve your business goals, and overcome obstacles to your success.

Owners who qualify for this complimentary session will discover:

  • A series of concrete goals that you can expect to achieve in the next 12 months. (This may not be as easy as you think)
  • The exact obstacles preventing you from having consistent, predictable revenue,
  • Your definition of success in business (you may be surprised)
  • Understand and clarify the things that REALLY matter in your work and life

How can we accomplish this in 20 minutes?

Once you submit your info, you’ll receive an email containing 4 thought provoking, strategic questions about your business and goals that’ll form the framework for our call.

During the call, we’ll discuss your answers, and I’ll share “invisible” insights and clarity that only an outside expert can detect.

At the end of the session, if it looks like we have a match and would both enjoy working together, I’ll review coaching options and answer any questions you have.

You may be wondering: John, are you going to try to “close” me?

Not at all.

Sales pressure is unnecessary, people are usually excited to progress forward, or eliminate frustrations!

This strategy session involves digging into your most important goals to see if working with a coach can help you reach them faster.

If I don’t feel you can benefit, I’ll let you know.

At the end of the call, 1 of 2 things will happen:

If we both think it’s a good fit, we’ll get you enrolled, roll up our sleeves, and get to work.

Or either of us may decide it’s not a fit at the moment and agree to stay in touch.

Whether or not you sign up for a program, you’ll gain value from this call.

If you’re ready to stop making excuses, to smash old road blocks, and boost your firm’s performance, take advantage of this exclusive session.

Can anyone sign up for the session?

Unfortunately, no. Due to time constraints, I’m not able to provide this session to everyone who’s curious about coaching.

  1. You currently own your own firm (including partners or solo operators).
  2. Your business sales are: $150k (start-up), $1-20mm, $20-100mm, $100mm +
  3. You’re considering hiring a coach and would like to take a “test-drive” to learn more.

What Qualifies Me to Coach & Train?

John Blakeney:

Has dedicated his career to developing high performing people and companies:

  • Serving small (family), middle market, and Fortune 500 businesses for over 20 years
  • Hired to coach hundreds of successful CEO’s, has fixed and turned-around hundreds of companies
  • Hired and provided leadership training to thousands of employees
  • Active in over sixty industries, with an excess of 14 trillion in client revenue
  • A university educator on innovation
  • A Keynote speaker on leadership, innovation and how to rapidly double revenue
  • Directly involved launching nine businesses of his own
  • Instrumental in designing simple processes that eliminate waste and rapidly accelerate growth
  • Holds too many college degrees
  • Professional Sports Competitor
  • Serves/volunteers in the various community boards, in athletic coaching, homeless shelters and church organizations. John is married with three adult children

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