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Who’s Stepping On Your Dream?

Time can pass quickly. The long hours of unrelenting business responsibilities; the employees, the sales, the economy, can all push our original dreams further away.

The countless millionaire clients with nothing but a high school diploma stand in my mind the most.

They employ most of America and they are a stark reminder that the Free Enterprise System works!  

The one lesson we can all take from these clients is “FOCUS!” They focus on results!

When a company is facing challenges it’s comforting to know, our system is not broken;  your business on the other hand, might be. That may seem harsh; however it is a very powerful realization, because it means that everything is within your control to change and create new possibilities.

Idea Firm’s simple “7 Laws To A Self-Managing Business” is the road map that allows clients to grow and overcome any obstacle in sales, marketing, hiring, production and management. This system will allow you to identify the real problems, grow, discover new possibilities and enjoy the fun of ownership. 

We’ve been fortunate to work on projects involving iconic brands;  AT&T, Fidelity Investments, Honda, Warren Buffet etc. as well as countless privately held and family owned businesses. We have over 20 years of maximizing growth in companies and turning-around under-performing enterprises across a wide spectrum of industries. 

The Idea Firm Team promise to you is that we will “FOCUS” on your results. We will identify the real challenges and opportunities; and provide you with the tools and training to build a self-managing business.


John Blakeney

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