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Personality and Behavior Testing

“Square Peg – Square Hole”

Every position in your company requires a certain behavior/personality type for the individual to be both, “effective and enjoy” their work. We now have behavior/personality technology that will allow you to make excellent hiring and talent acquisition decisions, matching your employee’s personality to their perfect job every time.

Good sales people for example, have a certain behavior/personality style that does not show up on a resume, how will you know when you find a person with the talents that you need?

Having the right people with right talent in the right positions makes the company generate more money with far less drama and stress.

Idea Firm’s “Strengths Assessments” indicates a individuals “natural” behavioral and personality strengths and how they are suited to specific types of employment. All people are born with unique predisposed strengths and talents; there are no two people alike.

In an interview for example, if the only data you have to make a hiring decision is a resume and what the person shares about themselves; how do you identify if the individual possesses the right personality and the natural talent suited to perform the work. The candidate may sell you on their abilities but what is the person like on the inside? What are their useful inner strengths? Are they being truthful?


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