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“Top-10 Coaching” programs – Do You Qualify?

Business Coaching Program I:

  1. CEOs, Presidents, or Owners
  2. $20M – $100M+ in annual revenue
  3. More than 25 employees.

Business Coaching Program II:

  1. CEOs, Presidents, or Owners
  2. $1M – $20M in annual revenue
  3. 5 – 25 employees

Professional Coaching Program III:

  1. Solo professional executive
  2. $150K revenue (or startup)
  3. Has 1099’s workers or partners

How Our Proven Employee Training Process Works:

Your Team Takes Command of Your Company: Leadership and Business Operations Training

  1. People: Our training will inspire accountability and empower your managers and employees
  2. Process: Your company has wasteful operational processes, we will eliminate them
  3. Productivity: Some of your departments are under performing, we will innovate and fix them
  4. Profitability: Hundreds of clients have doubled revenue and drove sales, why not you?
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