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  • Stand out, be innovative and know your product
  • Generate leads and hire the right people to do it

Sales and Marketing

New Lead Generation

The most important thing in a business is making new sales. The most important ingredients to your company’s success are your sales people and your ability to generate enough qualified business leads…

Targeted Marketing Strategies - Branding Social Media

Disruptive sales and marketing means that you target your marketing with a stated value proposition or marketing information that creates enough stunning intrigue with a new prospect, that 50% of them are willing to give you five minutes to discuss your company (generate a lead)…

Sales Training and Hiring

The Bottom Line is that Idea Firm has set records hiring, training and managing sales people. We know how to create profitable (ROI) sales processes that generate wealth. We have worked with clients to expand their existing sales and create entirely new markets and industries…

Innovation - New Sales - New Product Launch

The CEO’s of IBM, Starbucks, BMW, Southwest Air, Apple and McDonald’s were interviewed on the subject and agreed on the most important element in business. “You must constantly find new ways to innovate and stay relevant to your customers and you must bring ideas to  market as quickly as possible!”

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