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This digital privacy policy:
(“digital privacy policy“) is provided by IdeaFirm LLC and describes how we use the information that we process in connection with the use of our website and any other website we operate that links to this digital privacy policy collectively. In the process we may use services such as Google behavior tracking, Microsoft clarity, Facebook conversion tracking pixel, and LinkedIn conversion tracking pixel.

Information we gather:
Our website collects your name, phone number, and email information only.
Our Web site is not an e-commerce website, we do not collect billing or credit information, or process orders online, or anything related to financial information.

Use of your information:
We use your name email and phone number to simply introduce you to our products and services. We may use Google Facebook and Microsoft services, mentioned previously, in the process, and we offer an “opt out” feature, if you are not interested in our services. We do not sell your information to any other organizations, third-party vendors, or other types of companies and nonprofits, at any time.

Digital policy Questions:
If you have any further questions please contact IdeaFirm LLC at

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