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Time Management

“The poor work for money, the rich work for time” Warren Buffet

A life well lived has a sense of urgency, not for just more money, but for our innate desire to be involved in meaningful endeavors.

Where ever you find a sense of urgency you will find people with a desire to accomplish; to advance a mission, a plan, an idea, a dream or a goal.   

Mastering productivity is more than a function of time management and delivering results.

How can you create real results and balance while juggling everything else in your life? Time management programs that teach people how to control, leverage or manage time generally don’t work. They lack the essential human ingredient that drives effort. 

Idea Firm’s time management system has no rival. It is thorough, unique, yet simple.  We provide individual and group instruction. Our training and development facilitators put your team on track.


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