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5 Business Coaching Tips

Feeling Stuck? Wonder how much you could achieve with just a little business coaching and focused training? 

The happiest people know two things:

  • An inspiring vision of where they are headed personally and professionally
  • A sense of the next step to take in both

If you don’t know these two things, let’s talk about how Idea Firm’s business coaching and training can help you. 

Business Coaching & Training


Many of our clients know what they want to accomplish and have a few obstacles in their way; others are simply not clear and need to figure it out. Our method is different; our role is that of a sounding board, strategist and confidence builder, asking questions that promote ideas and clarity that will unlock possibilities to the right direction and then the right path, whether it is in life, leadership or business…

Time Management

A life well lived has a sense of urgency, not for just more money, but for our innate desire to be involved in meaningful endeavors.

Where ever you find a sense of urgency you will find people with a desire to accomplish; to advance a mission, a plan, an idea, a dream or a goal.   

Strategic Planning – SWOT Analysis

Do you have the team you will need to move ahead? These and many more answers can be uncovered through our strategic planning process. We can facilitate the strategic process at any location. We have performed hundreds of strategic planning…

Business Plans

A client once came to us with a complete business plan written on a restaurant napkin; armed with a high school education and enthusiasm. Ten years later he sold it for millions and retired at 35, yes -35!

From the very simple to the very complex, developing a business plan for launching a new product line or a new business is probably one of the easiest and smartest things you can do. The most import questions are…

Leadership Training

Do you dictate or do you inspire? Do you direct your people or do you win your team over to your point of view? Employees are not told what to do anymore. In the 21st Century, you need to lead by engaging your team and assist them in reaching their goals…

Succession Planning or Selling the Business

Is your business at risk? Could this happen to your company? It happens every day. Business owners sacrifice 30 years of their working life simply because they failed to plan ahead. You can prevent all of these problems by creating a succession plan for your business. Idea Firm can assist you in protecting and preparing your business for an eventual transfer of ownership…

Resolving Family Business Disputes

There is nothing quite like a family business. The founders set the tone. If all members are treated with respect and required to earn their way up from the bottom as if they were an employee first and family members second, and favoritism doesn’t exist, there are very few problems…

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