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Your talents, aspirations and efforts have meaning, yet they take on an extremely profound significance when they are in alignment with one another. Idea Firm offer talent coaching & development programs to help business professionals find the sweet between raw business talent, personal apsiration, and a sense of purpose.

Have you found your place in the world?

Are you accomplishing the things that make you feel proud of yourself?

Do you live with clarity and inspiration?

Do you occasionally feel like your efforts are somehow stagnating or not progressing? 

Who We Coach…Is this you?

  • Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, presidents, leaders and career professionals
  • People who must rapidly grow their business,
  • Those that are close to losing everything
  • Owners of family businesses and partnerships
  • Those who desire a better quality of life
  • Individuals who must change career or re-invent themselves

Many of our clients know what they want to accomplish and have a few obstacles in their way; others are simply not clear and need to figure it out. Our method is different; our role is that of a sounding board, strategist and confidence builder, asking questions that promote ideas and clarity that will unlock possibilities to the right direction and then the right path, whether it is in life, leadership or business.

Commit to yourself right now, call and schedule a free phone coaching appointment.

“How long can you afford to put off what you really want to be?” Epictetus- 55 AD.

This quote suggests a sense of urgency in figuring out what we really want to be and doing something about it. Since Epictetus began life as a peasant slave in Rome and eventually rose to “Rock-Star” status of the day, his stunning insight speaks to us in the 21st Century. He reminds us that we all hold valuable talents within and to never give up, that the possibilities are endless, get your focus and…get busy!

For some the reality and frustration of life is that sometimes we don’t know what we want and we need figure it out. It is critical for people to understand that first of all there is a solution; we can figure it out.  Idea Firm has the experience and the tools to help you and your people.

It’s all about Commitment to yourself, call right now, schedule a free phone coaching appointment.


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