How to Hire Employees that Really Work with Proven Hiring Techniques

How to Hire Employees

Want to know how to How to Hire Employees that fit in our company? Remove the guesswork from hiring with Idea Firm’s proven, proprietary talent acquisition and talent management process. We have screened and hired nearly every kind of work role you can imagine. Let our experience help you hire employees in less time – so you can start strong with the right candidate right away.

Idea Firm knows What to Look for In great Employees

Idea Firm’s original, tested process creates an equation. Idea Firm CEO John Blakeney has developed “The Five Laws of Hiring Great People.” This service combines a series of critical checkpoints – from creating a precisely-written job description and screening candidates for their professionalism and passion to helping employers cultivate a culture that encourages happiness, longevity and productivity. Idea Firm brings all of this together so you can Hire Employees hit the ground running, and stay the course.

What if I have the wrong person in the job?

Idea Firm consulting asks you to see your own workplace scenarios like you have never seen them before. This gives you a unique look at the situation, putting you in the position to see problems clearly and solve them swiftly. You will have to examine whether you have the right people in the right positions. This is a great beginning to understanding what to look in cultivating employee growth and in your hiring practices – and how to best use Idea Firm’s personality and behavior testing to help you find the best candidates in less time.

So Idea Firm does more than just help me hire the right person?

Idea Firm helps you understand how everything is interconnected. You may need to get the company better organized and fix employee problems so you can hire more people to meet new the demands of increased productivity. You will need a system and tools to measure and compare the talents and skills of each candidate. Idea Firm removes guess work – teaching you hiring techniques tools so you can land the best employee every time.

What are the results of Idea Firm’s best hiring techniques?

The Idea Firm difference is that our process takes the systemic big picture that our clients can rarely see. As a result – not only is the right candidate chosen. There are other great benefits:

  • Team culture is revived
  • Poor communication improved
  • Management training is increased and made more effective
  • Accountability is instilled
  • Toxic employee issues addressed

How can I learn more about Idea Firm’s hiring best practices?

Contact Idea Firm or check out our videos and explore our website. Your first step is to recognize that achieving all your goals is directly connected to hiring the right people. That’s the Idea Firm approach – and we have the experience and processes to make that equation work for you. Not just once or twice – but EVERY time you hire.

Idea Firm was founded by longtime entrepreneur and corporate veteran John Blakeney, whose success stories include working with iconic brands and personalities such as AT&T, Fidelity Investments, Honda, Warren Buffet as well as many privately held and family owned businesses. Meet John, learn about his success stories, and take the first steps to creating your own new, exciting results.


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