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Sales Training and Hiring

If your sales people don’t know what to say, how to say it, when to say it and whom to say it too…then you have big problems.

The Top 7 Sales Problems

  1. Do not have a lucrative target market of prospective leads
  2. Don’t know how to qualify prospects
  3. Failure to get in front of decision makers
  4. Inability to set appointments with 50% of prospects
  5. Do not have a system to hire great sales people
  6. Poor sales training and management
  7. No Accountability, vision or goals

Sales Training & Sales Management

The Bottom Line is that Idea Firm has set records hiring, training and managing sales people. We know how to create profitable (ROI) sales processes that generate wealth. We have worked with clients to expand their existing sales and create entirely new markets and industries..

Sales people should be self-determined and self-disciplined,  with access to enough qualified prospects to sell enough of your product at a “wealth generating” profit margin; not to simply help the company make ends meet, but to increase long term profitability of the organization.

The sales people you hire are as important as the processes you put in place to track and manage results.

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