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Targeted Marketing Strategies – Banding Social Media

Is Your Marketing Targeted and Disruptive?

Disruptive sales and marketing means that you target your marketing with a stated value proposition or marketing information that creates enough stunning intrigue with a new prospect, that 50% of them are willing to give you five minutes to discuss your company (generate a lead). This is what happens when your brand is un-matched and stands out from your competitors. This is the power of Disruptive Marketing. Whether it’s online social media or in person, your sales and marketing platform must generate leads by captivating your prospect. Without it, how will you generate viable leads that can result in massive growth? Call now and set an appointment to discuss your marketing goals.

Are your prospective customers completely stunned by your value proposition and products from the first initial conversations you have with them? Are you positioned in the market differently compared to your competitor?

This means that after they have finished speaking to your sales people or interacting with your web site, the discussion about what your company can do (MVP -Market Value Position) has caused them to make up their mind that you are the only right choice to meet their unique needs. This is called being disruptive. You disrupted the buyer’s perception away from the competitors to the point that by not choosing you  they will receive less. SOLD!

Depending on your industry, you can be disruptive like a big new battle ship sitting in the water where everyone can see and recognize you; or you can choose to be disruptive as a submarine, where competitors cannot figure you out. There are also a few cases where it is OK to market your products in a similar way as your competitors. Those exceptions are when you want to capture a piece of a highly lucrative market place. The restaurant chain, Applebee’s did this when they entered the market with TGI Fridays, who had no real competition for many years.

All exceptions aside, you want to be so obviously amazing that the competition has absolutely no chance what so ever. At Idea Firm, we refer to this as being “disruptive”. You must not be like everyone else! Examples: Apple iPod –cool  and revolutionary, Southwest Airlines –Fun and cheap airline Travel. BMW –Ultimate Driving Machine. etc. you get the picture. This is your marketing strategy. You must develop a way to set yourself apart or differentiate yourself from competitors. And you must be extremely careful in analyzing your market place to maximize your marketing budget and potential profitability going forward.


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