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Executive Coaching Can Benefit You

Are you a manager who feels stuck or impeded? Do you feel like you need some help to unlock your potential? You may benefit from executive coaching.

Executive coaching started becoming popular in the 1980s and was initially used to address weak executive performance. It was called in to fix broken management personnel and processes.

Now, it’s grown beyond a “fix” – it’s a proactive learning and improvement tool that conscientious business professionals seek to practice continual improvement.

Career coaching from IdeaFirm LLC offers you our proprietary, proven 7-step methodology that helps you become the best executive you can be.

1. Become More Self-Aware through Executive Coaching

To be coached effectively requires honesty, humility and a willingness to examine oneself. That self-awareness then becomes the light by which you can clearly see situations, understand your responses to them, determine what triggers those responses, and eventually, how to regulate your responses to those triggers.

IdeaFirm executive coaching serves as your sounding board, strategist and confidence builder – asking you questions that will make your more self-aware so that even after coaching is complete, you will experience continual growth and improvement.

2. Improve Your Leadership Skills

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way,” said New York Times best-selling author John C. Maxwell. Good coaching programs lead you to examine many characteristics that make you the leader who understands the mission, follows it, and models the best way to reach it. Coaching helps you recognize and develop your sense of empathy, fairness, responsibility, discipline, reliability and become a selfless listener. When that happens, people will come to you with trust and confidence so that you can lead your organization to solutions. Demonstrating to your team that you are willing to be coached is also a great model to encourage self-improvement for everyone in your leadership organization.

IdeaFirm coaching is based upon decades of real leadership we’ve practiced in corporate and small business settings – real wisdom that makes our leadership coaching practical.

3. Coaching Improves Productivity

Executives whose skills, habits and presence are improved through coaching know full well that the positive effects will ripple out to his reports and their reports and conceivably everyone in the organization. What’s great about that is you not only can experience firsthand the results of your own improvements – but witness the influence throughout your business. Overall, it’s a positive and encouraging tone you set. Any new habits that cut waste, increase efficiency, enhance communications, recognize improvements – improve productivity all around – adds to the benefits of executive coaching.

IdeaFirm executive coaching helps you address issues like growing business, stopping losses, smoothing out relationships, facing changes and other obstacles and challenges.

4. Make Better Business Decisions

Prioritizing. Organizing. Planning. What are your methods that direct your decisions to support your organization’s mission and achieve your goals? Good executive coaching shows you how to avoid costly extraneous distractions and lock in with clarity only on the initiatives that will solve problems and move your organization forward.

IdeaFirm recognizes that our clients range from executives who know exactly what they want to accomplish to those who are unclear as to what’s the next big step. Either way, our customized executive coaching helps you organize, prioritize and plan, making decisions that generate the best results for you and your business.

5. Make the Most of Feedback and Communication

The one thing that gums up the machine of progress is poor communication and feedback that doesn’t generate improvement. There’s art to giving and taking feedback so that it leads to improvement, not discouragement. Executive coaching can lead to improved communication skills that set the tone for your entire organization. Ambiguity causes confusion. Erratic communication, or keeping information in silos, can be costly both financially and in team unity. A well-coached executive is confident, keeps employees engaged, assures teams that they can speak freely and their voices will be heard, recognizes strengths, and inspires innovation to overcome challenges.

IdeaFirm executive coaching is experienced in helping leaders untangle workplace communication problems and establish work environments where collaboration and clear communication thrive.

Why IdeaFirm?

IdeaFirm is headed by John Blakeney, a serial entrepreneur who has owned no less than 8 business. John has spent 12 years coaching, training, and consulting with businesses and business leaders, helping them reach their business goals—not years in the future, but now.

IdeaFirm offers a personalized, no-nonsense approach to business consulting and training that realizes one truth above all: We don’t live to work but work to live.

IdeaFirm, under the lead of John Blakeney, has helped businesses of all sizes reach sustainable goals, from sales to operations and everything in between.

Whether you’ve been running your family business for years, are looking to move up the corporate ladder, or are an aspiring entrepreneur, IdeaFirm can help you plan, organize, systemize, sustain and achieve your business dreams.

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