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What Good Employees Want

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What Good Employees Want

Most employees are looking for one thing. Knowing what that is will be critical to building the right team. It’s the same thing children are looking for, and while they won’t say it, they are looking for a family. Of course, there are many types of families, so you will want to invest significant effort into making sure the people leading your company’s culture are good-natured, approachable, and energetic.

Strategy and Tools

Most companies are competing for any and all available employees; High performing companies, on the other hand, experience less difficulty attracting talent. Why is this? Because these companies have a succinct strategy and employ special tools to assist them in attracting the ideal candidates. One rule they follow is that they never settle! They will not hire a person who does not completely match up with the culture because the cost of hiring the wrong person is astronomical!

What Candidates Want

Let’s briefly touch on the important corporate characteristics candidates prefer. Good companies offer the direction, purpose, core values, and culture of a desirable business family. Consequently, the new candidate wants to join their team! How would you grade the “family factor” of your company?

Choosing Well

One other big hiring success factor of high-performing companies is paying special attention to matching the personality of the candidate to the job type, which results in employees truly enjoying their work. Additionally, one characteristic they look for in people is a “whatever it takes” mentality toward getting things done.

Finally, they also want a type of personality that is selfless. Selfless people are interested in and concerned for the success of the whole team as much as (or more than) their own success. This is powerful! Would your company attract this type of person? If not, then maybe it’s time to revisit the type of culture you are attempting to establish.

I hope you win the day! Best!


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