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Are You A Pro?  

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The 10 Beliefs of A Pro

We all have heroes or someone we admire for their accomplishments. Odds are, you’ve read a story about a person or watched a movie or sports competition where people perform at a high level and marvelled at their pro status. Now, have you ever asked yourself if you are a pro? Do you approach what you do each day with the mindset and intention of a pro? Pros have a realistic, confident inner dialog directed toward intentionally winning. What’s your inner dialog? There is a dramatic difference in our work and life when we see ourselves as an industry leader and a pro.

How Do You Show Up?

Do you ever imagine how the top people in your industry or career start their day? Maybe you do because you are a leader in your field, and you start your day the same way, with the same intention, focus, and mindset to pursue challenging projects. Are you holding yourself to a standard or a set of values with continuous knowledge and skill in your craft, and are you always learning?

Think Like a Pro

While most clients don’t give themselves enough credit for their accomplishments, or even recognize that they are a pro in their industry, a pro thinks and approaches life and work with intention. This intention is rooted in knowing you are a success, that you have produced winning results in your field, and that you conduct your work with a purpose. This intention does not include any focus on beating another or making someone lose. Thinking like a pro is the confidence that you will do what is required today to win and respond correctly — even when failing or when things don’t go your way. It is knowing you will fully harness your own abilities and prepare at any level necessary to be your best regardless of the conditions.

Interestingly, when you study the careers of professionals both in and outside of sports, you find that through their maturity they discover the key. The key is that ultimately, it is really you against you. It is how you get the most from yourself in every circumstance that decides the win, not your competitor. It is leading your growth and progress through self-mastery and through self-acceptance.

Allow me to share with you the first ten beliefs of a pro from our leadership program manual.

  1. I am a pro; I am a winner; I have chosen to educate myself in this belief!
  2. I am a person of high character and present myself accordingly.
  3. I plan to win my day, pausing to consider other perspectives and options.
  4. I assume responsibility for everything.
  5. I expect the best and plan for the worst.
  6. I am never negative to myself and others; I respect God’s view.
  7. I think, behave, and communicate my attitude and emotions as a professional at all times.
  8. The best careers are 80% fulfilling and 20% frustrating – I’m ready!
  9. The success of our team is first.
  10. I was hired to change chaos to clarity.
  11. BONUS – I make time to do nothing and reflect.

I hope you win the day!


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Hi, I’m John Blakeney!

Since 1999, I’ve dedicated my life to building high-performing people and companies. I’ve been hired to advise hundreds of CEOs and I’ve doubled revenue for most of my clients. I have hired and trained thousands of employees in leadership, and on how to be profitable business decision-makers. Clients include small businesses, mid-market, and Fortune 500 Companies. I’m an active keynote speaker on leadership and a university educator on innovation. For fun, some friends and I brew IPAs with attitude. My wife and I are parents to three adult children.

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