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Seven Communications Failures That Destroy Success

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Some companies are just boring. Is yours?

Is your company boring? The most common reason for poor communication in most organizations is that there is simply nothing to talk about. Some companies are just boring. The result is employees who collectively don’t care about the organization because the leaders don’t care about them. It’s not their fault they are simply feeding off the lack of energy and importance prevalent within the organization. You see, too many companies lack a mission, direction, and goals, and these companies are just boring.

Goals and Inspiration Start at the Top

Goals are important because they create a challenge and reasons to excel and celebrate. This can happen only when you receive direction and inspiration from top leadership. If a company is proud of the work they do and they want to grow, they become inspired. This kind of inspiration results in creating an expansion plan that’s fed by the raw desire to communicate and empower a team toward executing the plan.

Success at All Levels

And successful plans require goals or a specific purpose from the owner all the way down to the newest employee. Deliverable results demand very clear job descriptions with specific expectations across the company. From there, an organization must translate the value, inspiration, and importance of the company’s services from its employees to its customers.

How To Change A Boring Culture to an Inspiring One:  
Seven Ways To Fire Up Your Team!

  1. Involve employees in creating a vision statement and core values
  2. As the culture evolves, it attracts more desirable candidates.
  3. Once the company has a meaning and purpose that the employees can rally behind, they meet weekly and monthly to share progress, adjust and discuss victories.
  4. People become more focused, energized, and accountable.
  5. Elevate the reasons the employees’ work is important beyond the pay and benefits and why their work makes a difference in the world.
  6. Now your employees and leadership will have something they really want to discuss!
  7. They want to talk about the problems they solved, and the people they helped. Boom!

I hope you win the day!


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